A Complete Guide to QuickBooks


Hello, welcome to this QuickBooks Tutorial website. We dedicate this website to anyone who wants to learn more about QuickBooks software and many other Accounting aspects. The Desktop version of QuickBooks is available in several editions. You can select from QuickBooks Self-Employed, QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, as well as QuickBooks Enterprise Solution. Last but not least, now available QuickBooks online where you don’t have to have a dedicated computer to install QuickBooks software. It’s a cloud-based solution which is very attractive and easy to use.¬†Even if you are using a different version of QuickBooks that I use in this tutorial/website, you still be able to follow every steps and chapter in this tutorial.

Before we get into each chapter, you may want to download and install QuickBooks on your PC. Please visit the official download website to obtain the QuickBooks installer for your Operating System.

Chapter 1. Principle of Accounting

  • The Purpose of Accounting. This article will give you a high-level overview of a Basic Accounting.
  • A Common Financial Statement. We will get you through some of the common financial statement that is used by QuickBooks.
  • The Philosophy of Accounting.

Chapter 2. Getting Started with QuickBooks

Before we start working with QuickBooks, there are some basic tasks we need to do. First is to install the QuickBooks. No matter if you are running Windows or Mac, you will need to install and configure QuickBooks on your computer. If you are using QuickBooks online, you don’t have to install any QuickBooks software locally. But, before we dig into the installation, let’s have a brief overview of the planning of the QuickBooks system.

By using QuickBooks to help us in managing the accounting tasks, we may need to list what accounting does in general.


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