The Best Payroll Software for Small Business

I am going to dedicate this page to list many of the Payroll Software available out there. We’re trying hard to give you a good perspective to the best Payroll Software that you can choose. Payroll Software is a system that can be used to automates the process to pay wages of a company’s employees. Well, actually it’s not that simple but mainly, the payroll system has the capability to do the things. The payroll process includes a lot of calculations such as deductions, producing pay slip and tax forms, payment processing directly to the employee’s bank account. Moreover, we can also be voiding the payment if we need to, and even we can print checks with the payroll software.

There is a lot of payroll software available out there. Some of them are available for free but mostly, a good and reliable payroll software is a commercial software. If you just started a new business, you may want to look for a free payroll system for your company. A well-established company usually choose the best payroll software.

Some companies like to outsource the payroll process to the third party company or providers. But, there are also many companies that have a special department to handle the payment system. For example, HR and Accounting department handles the payroll system in a company.

A Payroll Software is available in several forms. You may choose the software that installed on-premise, on the cloud as a SaaS. Well, there are many pros and cons to those kinds of software. The software often bundled with HR and Accounting Software suite. This kind of software suite has many benefits since you don’t have to have a different system for the related departments.

The Best Payroll Software for Accountant and Service Providers

The following list will be modified and added when we found more interesting software to include.

A. Gusto

Gusto is a full features payroll system, administration as well as compliance management software. It was designed to serve a small business that needs a complete HR software such as time tracking, payroll, hiring, training and many more. It’s an online/cloud-based service where the employees can fill out their personal details into the system via the internet.  The company or business can easily automate the payroll operation. The payments can be made through direct bank transfer or via checks. Moreover, the system can also provide payslip and tax information to the employee’s email after the transaction.

There are several versions available for Gusto. You can choose the Core, Complete, and Concierge version. The price starts at $6/month per person. For a complete pricing, please visit the Gusto pricing. You can try the full version of Gusto for 1 month for free. Simply sign up your self here.

Gusto Features:

  • Automated Taxes
  • Employee Paystub Access, Direct Deposit and Health Benefits
  • Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Payroll Management
  • Benefits Management
  • Compensation Management
  • Employee Database
  • Vacation Tracking


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